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"The greatest pleasure in life
is doing what
people say you
can not do."

-Walter Bagehot

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Hanging upside down from the end of a bunjee cord over a ravine that is
     hundreds of feet deep…

Behind the wheel of a racing boat, flying over waves at speeds you never 
     knew existed…
Jumping out of a plane, thousands of feet above the earth, turning 
     somersaults and traveling at
120 miles per hour…

If you’ve ever imagined what it would be like…you’re in the right place.  The Extreme Mike Site exists to bridge the gap between you and your imagination.

If you can’t imagine it at all because you’re afraid of the risk…you’ve also hit the right site…because it probably means that fear is keeping you from the every day accomplishments and the extreme dreams that could give you a better life.

MICHAEL MCKELLER IS EXTREME MIKE… an exceptional adventurer who has overcome EXTREME circumstances and has done things others have only read about…continues to do them to this day and says, “If I can do it, anyone can.”

He means you…and he thinks you should join him on his journey because he’s…

Conquering Fear, One Adventure At A Time!

"Extreme Mike: Skydiving" was nominated for a 2001 Regional Emmy Award in the "Outstanding Achievement: Television Programming Excellence/Sports Program" category. The complete list of nominees may be viewed at http://www.natasatlanta.org/awards/category_2_01.html, section 2-M.
Extreme Mike's show was nominated and won the "Indy Crystal Globe Award" in the Reality category from the Global Association of Independent Television(GAIT). There were six categories with 5 finalists in each. These finalists were selected from a group of over 120 TV pilots. The award was presented during the award luncheon at the 2000 GAIT Television & Internet Festival on Sept. 8. The festival was held at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

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